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🌼 Hi, I'm Kelly, Nga-Ling, a licensed Esthetician and the proud founder of A1 Beauty & Spa LLC. 🌟 My mission is to assist my clients in nurturing their natural beauty, providing exceptional skincare experiences in a discreet and cozy atmosphere. 💆‍♀️💅

✨ As a dedicated service provider, I firmly believe that every client deserves professional, attentive, and friendly care in a tranquil and soothing environment. 🌿🌸

💆‍♀️ Taking Skin Care to the Next Level

From brows 🤨 and bodywork 💆‍♂️ to lashes 👁️ and facials 😌, I'm here to listen closely to your concerns, ensuring you receive personalized, detail-oriented service tailored to your unique needs. 🌈👂

🌟 Educating clients on achieving healthy, radiant skin and enhancing overall well-being is one of the most rewarding aspects of my business journey. 📚💡

🤔 Whether you're dealing with hyper-pigmentation, breakouts, body aches, or migraines, I'm here to guide you in addressing your concerns according to your lifestyle, commitment level, and budget. 💪💰

🌟 Exceptional Products & Services

Committed to excellence, I stay updated on industry trends by regularly attending conferences and workshops. 😊✨ Be sure to check out one of my most unique (and popular) services, the lava stone guasha bodywork! 🌋💆‍♀️

💆‍♀️ Elevated Facials & Bodywork Expert

Before launching A1 Beauty & Spa LLC, I worked as a licensed Esthetician and LMT at various spa facilities. I've also mentored fellow Estheticians and therapists in New York City and New Jersey on bodywork, lashes, and skincare treatments. 🌆🌟

📚 Over the years, my dedication to healthy skincare and passion for continuous education have made me an industry leader. In 2011, I was honored as Senior Vice President of Lin Wellness Center Inc. In 2012, I was recognized as Shiseido Representative of the Year and ranked among the Top 20 sales and estheticians in NJ. 🥇🌟

🌆 Now, in 2023, I've launched A1 Beauty & Spa LLC in the heart of Union City, New Jersey, to provide an intimate space for skincare, lashes, and bodywork. All our beauty professionals are independent, licensed experts committed to delivering top-notch beauty and services. 💼🌆

🌟 Feed Your Soul, Be Beautiful

When I'm not working, I love to explore between New York City and New Jersey with my friends and spend quality time with my family. As a city girl from Hong Kong, I adore the sleepless NYC and its vibrant vibes! 🗽🏙️ You'll often find us dining at local restaurants and attending special events to stay connected with our wonderful neighbors. 🍽️🎉

💖 Listening to your inner soul allows your beauty to shine through! I prioritize self-care routines like regular facials and massages, meditation, and yoga. I also indulge in hobbies like planting and traveling and treat myself to coffee at nearby cafes. ☕🧘‍♀️🌿

💆‍♀️🌟 Book an appointment with me today! I can't wait to help you feel your most beautiful inside and out! 💖💅✨


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